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Reporting to Parents

At Kumon Studies, we believe that we play one part of a triangular partnership, alongside students and parents.

We pride ourselves on continual communication throughout the course of the academic year. Though we appreciate that many of our students are on the cusp of adulthood, we feel that they need the support and guidance of their parents and families and in most cases, this includes parents, or guardians, having oversight of academic performance.

Whilst we frequently informally communicate with parents in regards to progress in an ad-hoc manner, either via the subject teacher or the student’s tutor we also have formal means by which we impart information to parents or guardians periodically throughout the academic year; this includes Progress Reports and Parents’ Meetings. In cases where there are grave concerns about a student, the Principal may ask parents to attend the school for a discussion.

Progress Reports

Progress reports are usually sent out to parents or guardians with a view to updating them as to work that has been covered thus far, comments on their performance and targets to work upon going forward.

Parents’ Meeting

Parents’ Meetings are usually held thrice a year for each year group. These meetings, at which the students themselves are welcome to attend should the parent or guardian desire it, are an opportunity for the teacher to talk to the parent or guardian of each student in their care and give them an update on progress and allows the parent or guardian, in turn, to ask questions to ensure that they have a full understanding of the current levels of performance and any other issues that need to be brought to their attention. These sessions are useful because they can also be a chance for the parent or guardian, the teacher and the student, to discuss and devise and agree upon a plan of action from the student in respect of improved academic performance.