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Our Courses



    Our educational program is developed considering students’ academic, social, cultural, and physical developments. It is carried out through modern teaching methods and project-based learning to enhance individual differences and reveal students’ creativity as well as to make the learning easier and more enjoyable. Students are supported by daily life examples and active learning is promoted through group work.

    Who Can Join?

    Below age group students can join these program as per their ages:

    Grade 1 - age: 5 to 6 years
    Grade 2 - age: 6 to 7 years
    Grade 3 - age: 7 to 8 years
    Grade 3 - age: 8 to 9 years
    Grade 5 - age: 9 to 10 years

    Students can join at any time during the year. However, the program starts in September and the final examination held in August.


    Kumon Studies has designed its course material for its Primary Section and is being provided to students in the form of PDF at the beginning of each session. The student needs to print these workbooks as soon as they are provided to the student.

    Kumon Studies focuses on the below core subjects and these are taught in the LIVE online classroom via using face-to-face video calling. All subjects are taught in the English Language except the other language.

    • English

    • Math

    • Science

    • Computer

    • Other Language (French, Urdu, Turkish or Arabic)

    Class Strength

    Online Classes are kept to a minimum of students to ensure each student has ample attention. We offer a personal, engaging teaching experience where students can question their teachers during and after classes to ensure they have a solid understanding of the subjects. There is a maximum of ten (10) students in one class.

    Class Schedule

    There are three sessions in a year:

    Session 1 - September to December
    Session 2 - January to April
    Session 3 - May to August

    The classes are 5 days a week, Monday to Friday, each class is 45 minutes long.
    Repetition week is held in the second week of the last month of each session.
    Assessments are held in the second last week of the last month of each session.
    Results are announced in the first week of the next session.
    There is one week off in the last week of the last month of each session.


    Registration Fees : $100
    Monthly Fees : $100

    Program Certificate

    A final certificate will be provided in August along with the student’s progress report and a detailed mark sheet. These will be provided in the form of PDF. However, printed certificate and progress report can be requested for an additional cost.

    Students can verify their results by using our Student Verification Portal by entering their first name and their date of birth.