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Turkish Language

  • Turkish Language Course

    It is an online Turkish language course for all age groups. Students who complete this course will be able to appear in TÖMER certificates which are valid in all official institutions. TÖMER Certificate is the official document proving that foreign students have Turkish proficiency.

    This Turkish Language course is an ideal choice for a deeper understanding of the language. If you are at a beginner level or if you want to improve your language skills, this course is ideal for meeting your needs.

    In this Turkish Language course, we will teach you all 4 modules such as Speaking, listening, writing and reading Turkish. Our professional teachers will focus on four general language skills while using various methods to learn Turkish.

    Basic Level – A1 – A2

    This Turkish Language basic level helps students to meet basic needs, express oneself in daily life, exchange information in familiar situations, participate in a speech that includes routine subjects, understand and to give explanations about the needs, likings, opinions and ideas in ordinary subjects, demand and give an explanation.

    Intermediate Level – B1 - B2

    This Turkish Language intermediate level helps students to: To understand the factual information on various topics in a field, to understand and make a detailed presentation and description in abstract or concrete subjects, to participate actively in a discussion, to understand a comprehensive discussion on a topic that is familiar to him, to present and defend his views.

    Advanced Level – C1 - C2

    This Turkish Language advanced level helps students to: To understand complex issues, even if they are outside of their field, to understand all of the written and spoken language, to prepare fluent, effective, clear texts and speeches, to give clear and convincing answers to the comprehensive questions in the conversation with the native Turkish speaker, and to continue to speak appropriately.

    Class Strength

    Online Classes are kept to a minimum of students to ensure each student has ample attention. We offer a personal, engaging teaching experience where students can question their teachers during and after classes to ensure they have a solid understanding of the subjects. There is a maximum of ten (10) students in one class.

    Class Schedule

    Classes are held 4 days a week, 1 hour each day.


    Registration Fees : Nil

    Monthly Fees : $75

    How to Pay??

    Student can pay in Turkish Lira or in US Dollars in to our Bank account in Turkey. For conversion, please visit this website to get the rate in Lira.

    Oanda Currency Conversion

    For our Bank Account, please request at our WhatsApp +905389375724
  • TÖMER Certificate

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  • YÖS

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