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Student Verification System

This guide demonstrates how to access a copy of your student progress report. All students will be able to access their student progress report. Kumon Studies International School has a dedicated web portal for this. To begin, Go to our website: https://www.kumonstudies.com.tr/ After that press the "Student Verification Portal" button located at the top right.

This will open up a popup menu like this

Enter your first name in the "Username" box and your date of birth (DDMMYYYY) without any spaces in "Password" box and press login

You should now be redirected to your student portal

Press the "Session 1" button to see the progress report

Students progress report will be shown like this

You can also download the progress report by hovering over the progress report and then pressing this button

This should open a separate window. Press this button located on the top right and it should start downloading the progress report

Finally to change your student portal password you can press "Change Password" located at the top right

Enter your new password in both fields and press submit. Your password is now changed